You’ve just come back from Pacha, but you and your friends aren’t ready to go to bed yet, you’ve still got hours of partying left in you. What do you do?

After Ours brings the party back to yours

At a moment’s notice, we’ll bring everything needed to continue your Ibiza clubbing experience at your apartment or villa, including professional grade sound system, lights, and of course, one of our top Ibiza resident DJs to rock ‘til you drop!

We’re ready to party when you are
We know a great party can’t always be planned weeks in advance, it’s spontaneous. That’s why we’re ready to rock when you are, any time, anywhere on the island. Within an hour of calling us, we’ll be set up and rocking your place.

Your party, your music
After Ours will supply you with the perfect DJ for your impromptu party, whether you want to just chill out after the club with some friends, or you want to continue clubbing in your living room, we have the right music to suit your mood, at any time of day or night.

We rock ‘til you drop
With After Ours, the party’s finished when you are. Imagine not having to worry when the music will stop or how you’re going to get home, with After Ours, the music stops when you say so, and getting home is our problem, not yours!

Anything else you need?
After Ours works closely with Ibiza Deliveries drinks suppliers in order to deliver anything extra you might need for your party at any time of day or night. Just let us know your requirements when you call and we’ll be happy to arrange it so your drinks arrive at the same time as your DJ!